The Manor extension embraces the existing volume with its traditional pitched roof by creating a grid of fine steel columns that are placed 3m apart in one direction and 3.6m in the other direction and both extend from the existing fa├žades. The grid has been plotted to the size of the existing main volume (18m = 6 x 3m) and has been expanded with 2 modules on the East and West sides to provide the required additional interior space.
The 3.6m size ensures that extra space is created along the South Facade of the building to allow a covered passage that also functions as a sunblind. The new building is as light as possible (steel structure of columns and edge beam) so that the existing volume is not dominated, but respected. The main volume is integrated into the architecture of its extension, both architecturally and functionally. The relationship between the house and the garden is enhanced by the location of the garage toward the street side by creating the possibility to extend the garden to the covered passage.
The steel structure of the extension is painted light grey and filled in with joinery, walls and gates. The color of the new structure takes over from the existing house (anthracite grey). In this way, there is a symbiosis between old and new so that both reinforce each other.
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