This project is the re-structuring of a typical Belgium home, which in its present state lacks a coherent flow between the main living space, outdoor courtyard, and garden space. The existing rear buildings were demolished to make way for the new volumes that maintain the existing perimeter of the block and are contained within a 6m by 12m exposed brick wall.
Within this container, a new structure is placed consisting of wooden trusses and columns. This structure holds a new kitchen, a dining room, and a living area that faces the courtyard. The space that remains within the restored exterior walls is re-purposed as a terrace. Along the rear fa├žade of the courtyard wall, two additional openings are made to strengthen the relationship with the garden.
In the area that defines the existing home from the additional volumes, there is a bathroom and washing area that comes off the kitchen. This is accessible from the platform of the existing staircase which also opens into the extension through a door opening that was previously a window.
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