NWLND is a young architecture and urbanism studio that focuses on a complete range of architectural design. Our current portfolio includes master planning, housing, interior design, and landscape interventions in different phases and on multiple scales.
NWLND is a collaboration between Pieter Vandeputte and Bert Rogiers, two architects with a combined experience of over two decades. Both architects have been developing projects independently while maintaining a close relationship since 2007, when they collaborated on and submitted their joint diploma project. In 2017 they decided to permanently collaborate, and thus NWLND was formed. Currently, NWLND is a small-scale practice with 5 international collaborators.
NWLND’s approach to architecture is pragmatic and collaborative. We believe in keeping things simple by respecting the existing context and understanding that any new interventions should enhance but not overpower the existing condition, nor jeopardize the future of a site. This is achieved by finding guidelines in our surroundings – specifically; nature, heritage, history, people, and their stories – with the aim of creating a sound project with a clear point of view, without compromise. Through close and intense contact with advisors in the conceptual phase and contractors at the building site, we work towards a result that surpass expectations from the conceptualisation to detail execution. The result is never an ending, rather an opening towards new opportunities and ways of life.
Bert Rogiers & Pieter Vandeputte

Billy Ileris, Hena Wang, Maarten Moens, Pieter Vereecken, Suzanne Vandeportaele

Justine Huyghe, Sara Dimech, Catarina Dias, Sivard Brémaud, Diana Araújo, Kyrylo Nechytail, Davide Vitale


NWLND Rogiers Vandeputte Architects, BV is known under the VAT-number BE.0730.677.244 is inscribed in the Order of Architects, Provinciale Raad Oost-Vlaanderen and follows its deontological code is insured by Protect NV polis 00/A.15191
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