Client:                         AG Real Estate
Location:                     Brussels
Period:                        2021 - ...
Status:                        Tender
Surface area:               2.000 m2
The project to revitalize the Anspach Gallery in central Brussels started with the request for a refreshed look and feel of the existing shopping gallery. However, NWLND questioned the existing urban planning situation and proposed to open up the building block by way of creating new passageways. In this way, Bisschops Street and Grétry Street are involved in the Gallery and a new dynamic is created that makes the complex more inviting. 
The interior and exterior facades are connected by establishing a clear plinth on the ground level, bordered by a dark continuous line at the level above the shop entrances. The plinth will be in natural stone that is informed by historical materials: in this way the gallery will regain the appearance of the inter-bellum period. At the level above the shop entrances, canopies of the same thickness as the dark border will be provided. A new stratum is created, a new level that can be used for communication and atmosphere creation throughout the seasons. The ceiling will be luminous and along the façade there will be a LED line that is in dialogue with the dark roof provided in the 2007 renovation.
View from Anspachlaan
Entry from Gretrystraat
Entry from Anspachlaan
View from Bisschopstraat
View from Muntplein
View along Gretrystraat
View of the gallery
Access to the first floor
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