Client:                         Petrus en Paulus
Location:                     Oostende
Period:                        2020 - 2024
Status:                        Delivered
Area:                           2.500 m2
Photos:                        Johnny Umans
Structural Engineer:       Establis
Technical Engineer:       Acovex
The Atelier PPW is located on a school campus in an urbanised area. The project is an exercise in the reduction of context into a simple and clear building. The brief called for one workshop space to accommodate building courses and one studio for painting courses. These volumes are held within a column system, that allows the two volumes to be stacked to create an open and flexible workspace on both the ground floor building atelier and the first-floor painting atelier.
On the ground floor, the structural system also allows for a generous opening towards the street. This creates a covered entrance zone that establishes a connection between the street and the adjacent courtyard that leads to the school’s entrance. The structural system can be best understood in the building's elevation as one can see the framing of two spaces and the relationship and abstraction of the neighbouring elevations. 
Towards the south, the structure extends to create a canopy that reaches towards the playground. This manages the solar gains and introduces a planted screen as a first step in converting the existing mineral playground into a green landscape. The canopy functions as an external corridor for the ateliers on the first floor. All circulatory cores both, vertical and horizontal are external from the main glass volumes to allow for a clear and simple appearance to the project. Moreover, we propose an accessible rooftop for circulation and as a communal gathering space.
The concrete structure with light glass infill leaves a gap from the existing neighbouring buildings on both sides. Here two vertical circulation cores are integrated to solving the complex height difference between the existing buildings and Atelier PPW. These vertical structures can be adaptable for future developments, as one might consider replacing the outdated neighbouring volumes in the future.
In close collaboration with Kris Broidioi.
View of the front of Atelier PPW
View of the back of Atelier PPW
View from the entrance
View of the first floor corridor

Ground floor plan

Second floor plan

Front facade

Back facade

Long section


Construction site photos
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