Client:                          Private
Location:                      Grand-Metz
Period:                         2020 - 2021​​​​​​​
Area:                           200 m2
The new owners of this historical farm decided to move from the city to the country to fulfill a self-sufficient lifestyle. Located within a sloping site offering privacy and seclusion, the house and stables ensemble will be sustainably renovated with the addition of an independent atelier.
The project re-evaluates the organization of the ensemble and integrates an outside living space that links the enclosed courtyard to the idyllic back garden. This open space divides the living quarters from the ateliers in the annex, making the atelier a workspace with a breath-taking view of the surrounding landscape.
The atelier is developed as an insulated box within the existing stable annex. This wood-paneled space creates a new protected environment offering the perfect conditions for a creative workspace. A newly built round window connects these spaces to the surrounding natural landscape. Moreover, the living quarters are insulated with the same wooden paneling that creates an equal divide between closed and open spaces. The panels of the existing windows are maintained in order to reference the original materiality of the façade.
Interventions in the interior of the existing house are limited to two new openings introduced to create an enfilade of rooms from the dining, over the kitchen to the outside living room and the ateliers. The spaces under the roof, at the first level, are reshuffled to take advantage of the complete width of this level and view over the landscape in both directions. Within a constrained budget, this project aims to break open the closed volume and integrate a sustainable hedonistic life in an agricultural context.
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