Client:                          City of Terneuzen
Location:                      Terneuzen
Period:                         2021
Status:                         Competition
Area:                            N/A
Icoon Terneuzen, or De Schroef, will be located in a place that is important for Terneuzen, but also in a place that symbolizes Ghent's connection to the sea. Consequently, it is not an icon that only symbolizes Terneuzen, it is also a landmark for all residents and activities around the Ghent-Terneuzen canal. 
The architectural design of De Schroef is informed by a sophisticated concept of circulation and scenography. By stacking and turning the triangles, three sets of stairs are created that lead to the upper viewing platform. The choice of interpretation of the stairs is basically free: we propose to use one staircase for ascending, one for descending and to integrate on one staircase a slide that follows the spiral form from top to bottom. This could also be equipped with a wheelchair elevator. Separating the circulation flows ensures that there are no oncoming traffic and guarantees safe circulation.
The stairs form courses that offer alternating views of the special surrounding landscape: the City, the Sea and the Port.
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