Client:                  Stad Gent FM Onderwijs
Location:              Gent
Period:                 2022 - ...
Status:                 Pre-design
Area:                   1.000 m2
The construction of the Dampoort Child Care Center prompted the creation of a master plan that maps out the remodeling of the site in 3 phases. However intelligently the puzzle seems to have been laid out, the feeling prevails that we have left here for at least 10 years of remodeling.
In a child's experience, school days last a lifetime. The planned works, with all the site traffic, dust nuisance, relocations and temporary housing that will accompany them, can put a heavy burden on the well-being of a generation of school-age children. The planned works are necessary, at the same time the future of the site is under pressure.  
The starting point for this design is to seize the construction of the daycare center as a unique opportunity to also safeguard the school and its operations. We design an easily buildable shell with a certain excess that can serve as an expansion vessel.
In the short term this leads to an orderly yard, in the medium term to a solution to the school's housing problems during the implementation of the master plan. In the long term, this design creates new possibilities toward a full Freinet education.
In collaboration with HAVANA.
View towards Dampoort Child Care Center
View of the entrance area

View of the playground

The interior of the child care center

View of the entrance area

Axonometric of Dampoort Child Care Center

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