Client:                     sogent, OCMW Gent
Location:                 Wondelgem, Gent
Period:                    2021
Status:                    Implantation study
Area:                      2.500 m2
The front yard of WoonZorgCentrum (or WZC) Liberteyt in Wondelgem was designated for the implantation of the SVK residential model. The SVK housing model is a public-private partnership in which a private partner builds social housing for those most in need, and the social housing office rents it back. The housing should therefore be affordable.
In a participatory process with the various players on the site and the city services, we made a zoning study for the social housing in the front yard of the WZC. A thorough analysis of the existing urban and green structures resulted in a compact L-shaped volume that reinforces the street corner and forms a front to the overlying Vroonstalledries.
During the process, special attention was paid to ensure quality outdoor spaces for each apartment, combined with a clear and efficient stacking of the different units. Each unit is sun-drenched and has a terrace facing either south or west.
The implantation implies a reorganization of the entire site of the WZC, focusing on shared use of the open space and an ecological connection between different green zones. In the green zone there is still "white space" provided for the integration of a private or public program that becomes part of a new urban ensemble in this parcelled district.
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