Client:                   Namahn
Location:               Brussels
Period:                  2018
Status:                  Competition, 2nd place
Area:                    300 m2
Namahn, a design agency, is located in an old printing office in the urban weave of Brussels. An initial renovation was carried out by Wim Cuyvers, but after 15 years there is a need for additional space.
There is space available, but difficult to access. Therefore, NWLND proposed to fill in the space between the existing buildings with a light, accessible construction that would bring daylight to the underlying spaces, but at the same time involve unexpected spaces in the overall operation of Namahn. The structure would become a space in itself while also functioning as a connecting element between different entities within the creative agency.
Moreover, the unused roof surface would offer new potential for future expansion and could become a calling card for Namahn in the neighborhood. In this way, Namahn's activity not only becomes tangible within the complex, but also reveals the variations of infill that are possible in the interior areas of Brussels.
Supported by Marie Huyghe and Daidalos Peutz.
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