Client:                          Private
Location:                      Gent
Period:                         2019 - 2020
Status:                         Delivered
Area:                           180 m2​​​​​​​
The row house originally had a typical villa organisation which consisted of a central corridor that gave access to a series of rooms. This circulatory structure isolates each space, creating a consecutive sequence of rooms that have little relationship between one another. Considering this, the project rearranges the circulatory and spatial relationship through simple but precise interventions.
Wide openings are made between the rooms to allow for flexible movement and interaction between each space. Thus, a variety of views are created while maintaining clearly delineated spaces.
The windows facing the garden were enlarged, allowing the space adjacent to the garden to become completely opened so that the outdoor terrace becomes part of the living space during the warmer months.
The existing kitchen is centralised toward the garden, creating a relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces while also making an efficient and isolated service zone consisting of the storage and sanitary facilities. In this way, the ground floor becomes an open space that takes advantage of the garden views and natural light.
Lastly, by maintaining certain original elements including the floors, stairs, and doors the ground floor renovation retains an authentic reference to the existing structure, while maintaining a low cost. As such, the renovation turns the existing house into a contemporary home with flexible and efficient living spaces and a strong relationship to the outdoor space and natural light.
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