The Office Park project is located on the edge of a residential area and industrial site that faces the highway and the entrance to the industrial zone E17-3 and the future E17-4. Therefore, the design of this project considers the expansion and flexibility of the area by arranging the office spaces in such a way that allows small or large companies to rent space for a short or long period. 
The project divides the site into strips. Firstly, a green strip that creates a visual buffer between the adjacent housing, secondly the flexible green parking strip, and finally the main strip that becomes the footprint of the building. This strip is subdivided into an underground rectangular form and a prismatic volume that forms the office volume above. The triangular unbuilt areas that are created by this overlap provide access to the basement and direct access via the green roof to the technical areas in the basement.
The plan is also conceived as strips made up of offices along the north façade with cores and a climatic/acoustic buffer along the south facade. This buffer provides separate access to the lettable surfaces and acts as a place for informal meetings and circulation.
The project intends to be the foundation for the further expansion of the industrial zone and the development of the city. The building will act as the Business Centre of the future for both new and existing companies and a stimulus for further development in an era where sustainable entrepreneurship is an important value.

Photos by Johnny Umans

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