Client:                         Private
Location:                     Bonheiden
Period:                        2017 - 2020
Status:                        Delivered
Area:                          240 m2
Photos:                       Johnny Umans
Structural engineer:      Util
Landscape:                 Jeroen Provoost

The Refuge project is the design of a pavilion that is to be built in the garden of an existing home that is surrounded by a forest. The nature of the site and its context are important themes for the arrangement and orientation of the garden pavilion. By first identifying two key geometrical systems; the orthogonal order of the existing home and the rotated angle of the site's boundary, the various landscape interventions, such as vegetable garden, paths, chicken coop, patio, and a filtered pond can be composed to create a spatial and compositional tension between the landscape and the home. 
Within these conceptual parameters, the various interventions can individually respond to the specifics of the context while relating to the existing home both volumetrically and through its materiality (red brick). The pavilion is an autonomous structure made from concrete that is the same tone as the red brick of the home. It is a simple square form with various openings along the facade that provides access and views to the central space. A curved roof has been cut out to bring light into the indoor area and is framed by a glass wall that defines the inside from outside. An internal wall parallel with the exterior form functions as a kitchen and hides the bathroom and storage space. Where finishes are needed, the formwork plates are recovered to make light insulated retaining walls.
Through these organizational strategies and consideration toward construction and materially the architecture can remain simple so that the geometry and simplicity of the form can be experienced as a sculpted space that frames the landscape as well as a functional space that can be used all year round to relax, work, or cook and eat with family and friends.
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