Client:                          Whitewood 
Location:                      Brussels
Period:                         2022 - ...
Status:                          Tender
Surface area:                5.400 m2​​​​​​​
This conversion of an existing office building in Brussels uses the technical limitations of the existing structure as an opportunity for new architecture. The low ceiling height and floor height do not allow the integration of ventilation ducts that comply with current standards. Therefore, the choice is made to provide ventilation ducts in the facade as an architectural element. These channels are also finished with a layer of insulation so that the existing curtain wall is replaced by a facade with more rhythm of open and closed parts. In this way, the facade becomes more performant. The new round columns also deal with the kink in the facade.
On the ground floor, one of the three columns will be extended to ground level, creating an open plinth that integrates a new double-height entrance into its rhythm.
A circular approach is used as much as possible. The existing technical ducts will be reused, the concrete facade panels of the rear facade will be used in the new front facade. New materials are based on reclaimed materials, or materials whose environmental impact is minimal.
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